CEMS Annual Events & MIM Graduation Ceremony


Sustainable Bergen: Responsible Steps for a Better Future!

Bergen is commitment to sustainability, implementing innovative initiatives and embracing eco-friendly practices to preserve its natural beauty and reduce its environmental impact. 

NHH: Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders for a Sustainable Value Creation

NHH Norwegian School of Economics is committed to social responsibility and ethical leadership and implements initiatives to nurture a more sustainable, inclusive, and diverse academic community.

At NHH, a culture of quality, ethics, and dedication pervades all activities. Students, staff, faculty, and alumni are committed to creating positive societal change, maintaining high academic standards, and promoting ethical conduct. The institution emphasizes free and independent research within ethical boundaries, fostering an engaging, inclusive, and goal-oriented organizational culture. Openness, intellectual curiosity, inclusivity, international focus, diversity, and transparent communication define the NHH community, where ambition drives individuals to set high goals for themselves and the institution.

Sustainability is integral to NHH's values, reflected in research and campus initiatives to minimize environmental impact. Partnerships address global challenges and drive positive change.

Discover the sustainability initiatives across CEMS Annual Events 2024

Join us in our eco-friendly approach to the event!

  • Lanyards and wristbands for participants will be created using RPET, which is both recycled and recyclable.
  • Delegate badges will be eco-friendly produced from cards certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
  • To minimise printing waste, we encourage all attendees to access event information conveniently through our website and QR codes.
  • We will use digital or biodegradable signage whenever possible. Our event venues have their own sustainable initiatives. Discover how sustainability goals are accomplished at NHH and Grieghallen (graduation venue).

Together for sustainable value creation!
Grieghallen Bergen

Graduation Venue

Grieghallen is certified according to the Eco-Lighthouse Foundation's criteria for the tenth year running, which includes a 2021 certification for Green Conferences and Performing Arts.
image of the NHH rector with green background

Bergen, a Sustainable Destination

Destinations play a key role in the progress towards sustainable tourism and travel. We are therefore proud that Bergen is the largest destination in the Nordics to be labelled as "sustainable destination".